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It is an honor to share with you a passion for living in harmony and balance with “all that is” and to offer products to support

our gentle walk upon Mother Earth.




New Moon Naturals was founded on the principle that we can heal ourselves and our planet by living in harmony and balance with the cycles of the universe and deepening our connection with nature. In moving with her ebbs and flows, we are able to harness these energies to promote health, vitality and bliss!


Taoist wisdom promotes “walking the middle path”, which means to live in harmony with all of life, somewhere between the opposite energies of Yin and Yang. The idea is to find balance between these extremes and, in doing so, one

will achieve health and longevity.


This theory also promotes the inter-connected-ness of everything in the universe. And because we are all a part of the Web of Life, as we heal ourselves, we begin to heal the world.


That is why we feature organically and ecologically grown or wildcrafted ingredients using sustainable business practices. In fact, many of our herbs and ingredients are locally produced by farmers we know by name and whose processes resonate with our paradigms.


We use no animal products or testing and no toxic, artificial anything.


We strive to soften our environmental impact by minimizing our packaging and by using recycled packaging and packing materials.


NEW MOON NATURALS is honored to offer you eco-conscious choices for sustainably-made teas, aromatherapy and body care products that will support your commitment to balanced living.






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