It all began one new moon evening ……

when the company’s founder was experimenting with the alchemy of mixing herbal extracts and flower essences in her country cottage. She created a unique concoction that mesmerized her and she left the elixir outside beneath the stars that night so that it may be empowered with all the glory from the heavens above…..


Going to sleep that night with the strong fragrance of her recent creation filling her small lab and wafting throughout her home, she had a dream ….


Her dream was of a flourishing existence on planet Earth driven by an inherent desire to live in balance and harmony with all of creation …. and that health, peace and prosperity may be attained by honoring the sacredness of relationship with all of existence. Thus, the NMN product line was inspired by the wisdom of nature herself – from the carefully selected, precious raw materials to the observation of the ebbs and flows of nature’s cycles – every aspect of the business is seeded with this intention to walk in perfect rhythm with the web of life.


It is our intention to make conscious choices in all of our business practices that reflect our commitment to planetary and humanitarian stewardship. We feel it is not only our responsibility to create sustainable business, but that it is our opportunity. When we apply the principle of “as above, so below” to all that we do, we are gifted with the force of creation working for us, instead of against us. Simply speaking, it is just common sense!


In the interest of “walking our talk”, we chose to refrain from using at-risk or endangered plants in our products. All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, using ecologically or organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs whenever they are available. We adore our animal friends and chose to enjoy their companionship for sofa snuggling and walks in the woods. And while much fuss is made over packaging these days, we prefer to let what is in the package shine and strive to keep it simple and functional so as not to create unnecessary waste.


To enhance the potency and effectiveness of the products even further, each one is hand-crafted in accordance with the lunar and cosmic rhythms. Everything from formulating and alchemy to gardening and harvesting to manufacturing and bookkeeping is practiced on the days considered to be most auspicious according to the ancient practices of astrological gardening and the cycles of the Wheel of the Year.


By purchasing NMN products, you are gifted the opportunity to participate in self and planetary transformation and evolution. You are voting “YES” to the positive choice of being a conscious and responsible consumer.




For information on critical issues regarding sustainable living on this planet, please refer to (and chose to support) the following organizations working hard for YOU:


United Plant Savers

P.O. Box 400, East Barre, VT, 05649

www.unitedplantsavers.org, 802-479-9825


Organic Consumers Association

6101 Cliff Estate Rd., Little Marais, MN 55614

www.purefood.org, www.organicconsumers.org, 218-226-4164


Virginia Native Plant Society

400 Blandy Farm Rd., Boyce, VA 22620

www.vnps.org, 540-837-1600


Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

P.O. Box 915, Charlottesville, VA 22902

www.vicfa.net, 434-263-8704


Weston A. Price Foundation





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