New Moon Naturals




Aromalixir Facial Mist & Skin Tonic


Ecologically grown healing herbs brewed into

intoxicating floral water serves as a base for this

soothing and toning daily facial tonic loaded

with phyto-nutrients (vitamins for your skin!) and skin rejuvenators like Vitamin E and pure essential oils.


Use after cleansing and before moisturizing skin, or as a fragrant pick-me-up spritz anytime throughout the day.†


Rose Geranium-Lavender for normal/dry skin

Rosemary-Lemongrass for normal/oily skin


Made with ecologically grown floral water (rose

geranium and lavender or rosemary and lemongrass), witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E and ecologically grown essential oils.


2 oz spray bottle†††† $9.95



Good Seed Facial Scrub & Mask


Poppy seeds gently exfoliate while mineral-rich clay deeply cleanses and detoxifies. Rinse, and itís a scrub. Leave it on, itís a mask. Recipes for matching your specific skin type are included. Also includes oats, roses,† lavender, rosehips, calendula, comfrey, chamomile.


4 oz jar†††† $7.95



Golden Honey-Amaranth

Facial Scrub & Mask


Two natural humectants, honey and glycerin, team up with organic, golden amaranth grains

to create a product that cleanses, hydrates, rejuvenates and smoothes your skin to make it glow.


4 oz jar†††† $8.95



Herb Bags


A giant-sized tea bag filled with organic calendula, comfrey, chamomile, lavender, roses, rosehips makes for a dozen uses:† tub tea, facial steam, foot bath, hair rinse, potpourri ÖYou can even drink it! Wrap a trio in a pretty ribbon as a gift for someone special.


1/4 oz large tub tea bag†††† $2.50 each

Trio of three bags for $6.00