New Moon Naturals



My Essence Perfume


A sensual and exotic  blend of jasmine, patchouli, ylang ylang and peru balsam.


1 oz spray bottle     $18.00


My Peace Perfume


A relaxing and calming blend of rose geranium, lavender, clary sage and cedar.


1 oz spray bottle     $18.00


My Vitality Perfume


An energizing and  uplifting blend of peppermint, rosemary, sweet o range, bergamot and basil.


1 oz spray bottle     $18.00




Body Gloss


Made from highly nutritive and emollient oils of  sesame, olive, almond, jojoba and sunflower that will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing! It’s your choice of fragrance: My Essence, My Peace, My Vitality.


2 oz spray bottle   $17.00




Clarity Oil


Rosemary, peppermint and basil have been used for centuries to stimulate circulation to the head. Apply to temples and the back of neck (then inhale the lingering scent from fingertips). Helpful for soothing pain and tension of minor headaches, enhancing memory, increasing alertness. Perfect for long road trips and late-night studying. Sesame oil base.


4 ml bottle     $8.00


Faerie Magick Oil


Opens the heart, enhances communication with the nature spirits and elemental beings that are involved with the plant world. Useful for work in the garden or a walk in the woods to deepen your connection with nature. Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine, Camphor, Ylang Ylang, Sesame Oil base.


4 ml bottle     $8.00


Indulge in the aroma-alchemy of

pure essential oils & hydrosols

created with the perfection of nature